Developmental Screener

At Nampa Early Childhood Learning Center, your child's growth and development are top priorities. If you visit Nampa Early Childhood Learning Center, you'll find a welcoming environment with dedicated professionals engaging your child in fun activities to assess thinking skills, motor skills, communication, self-help, and social development. Your involvement as a parent is encouraged, as you know your child best. We offer developmental screening each school year as part of the Child Find program. Like a friendly check-up for preschoolers, a screening checks if children are meeting developmental milestones.


After a screening appointment our team reviews the data, considering your child's areas of strength and need. If all is well, that's great news! If more testing is needed, we'll collaborate with you to create a tailored assessment plan. After the assessments, we will meet to determine eligibility for special education. If eligible we'll craft an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that will include specialized services and support like speech therapy or occupational therapy.


These steps ensure your child receives the right help and support to grow, learn, and explore their world to the fullest. If you are interested in the Nampa School District Developmental Screener, you may sign up by completing a form or calling the office:

  1. Screener Form:
  2. NECLC Office: 208-498-0560
Developmental screener appointments will be scheduled and confirmed by the office.  Please contact the office as soon as you know you are not able to attend a scheduled appointment.